Wilson Portrait
The label says "Jay's Wondrous Snake Oil!"


Willow Portrait
I'm not convinced.


Wolfgang Portrait
Good for shining Wolfgang's muscles!


Wendy Portrait
This fills me with a sense of mistrust.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The usefulness of this substance remains uncertain.


Woodie Portrait
I'm not falling for this.


Waxwell Portrait
Perhaps I could turn a profit with this.


Wigfrid Portrait
What pöwerful pröperties döes this bestöw?


Webber Portrait
It really works!


Walani Portrait
I wasn't born yesterday.


Warly Portrait
Why can't you be olive oil?


Woodlegs Portrait
Me knows a good deal when me sees it.


Snake Oil is a very rare drop from normal Snakes and Poison Snakes. By intended design it has no real use whatsoever.

Even though it technically is a Fuel, it has burn time of zero, which makes adding it to a Chiminea or Fire Pit pointless, unless wanting to destroy the item. It also has a Poison healing ability which is disabled. It can be quaffed an unlimited amount of times, making the player character play the jump animation where the character claps their heels together making two, subtle, metallic "ding" sounds. This is the only function Snake Oil has. This animation is shared with an Anti Venom.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • "Snake oil" is an expression that refers to health products with no verifiable benefits.
  • There are 2 game files that prove that the intended use for snake oil is for it to have no use:
    • poisonhealer.lua: part of the 3rd line reads: "--Used for snakeoil. We don't want it to actually do anything.". "We" means the developers.
    • snakeoil.lua: lines 23 to 27 read, which mean it is a fuel with a value of 0 and is a poison cure that does not cure at all:

   inst.components.fuel.fuelvalue = 0

   inst.components.poisonhealer.enabled = false

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