Wilson Portrait
I'm intrigued AND repelled.


Willow Portrait


Wolfgang Portrait
I will use as bandana.


Wendy Portrait
It shed its skin, with my assistance.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A layer of snake.


Woodie Portrait
I'm sure the snake didn't need this.


Waxwell Portrait
The texture is delectable.


Wigfrid Portrait
A snake has slipped its skin. With a little help...


Webber Portrait
The skin of a snake!


Walani Portrait
I could make a scaly bikini out of this!


Warly Portrait
Would make a haute apron.


Woodlegs Portrait
Me leathers do need replacin'.


Warbucks Portrait
A serpentine artifact.


Snakeskin is a resource in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is obtained by killing Snakes. It can also be obtained by digging up a Snake infested Viney Bush. Snakeskin is used in a number of crafting recipes, and can be used to craft Wetness resistant clothing, a Sail, flooring and a utility item to distract Prime Apes.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot background VineInventory slot background VineInventory slot backgroundBone ShardsInventory slot backgroundBone ShardsScience MachineInventory slot backgroundSnakeskin Jacket
Inventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot background Straw HatInventory slot backgroundBone ShardsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundSnakeskin Hat
Inventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot background Log


Inventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot backgroundRopeAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundSnakeskin Sail
Inventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot background BananaInventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot backgroundRopeScience MachineInventory slot backgroundSilly Monkey Ball
Inventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot backgroundSnakeskinInventory slot background ClothAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundSnakeskin Rug

Prototype TipsEdit

  • Since Snakes are hostile to most mobs, Snake Skin can be farmed easily by placing other mobs near snake infested Viney Bushes. However, The mobs need to be active at dusk and night, since Snakes are only active during those times. Prime Apes and Spiders work well for this purpose. Prime Apes will collect the drops (except with Wilbur), which means the player will need to kill or befriend them to obtain the Snake Skin.
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