Wilson Portrait
It sticks to my back.


Willow Portrait
Less defense! More offense!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is sticky inside.


Wendy Portrait
Now I can hide from my problems.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It is quite capacious.


Woodie Portrait
You can never be too safe.


Waxwell Portrait
That is not dapper at all.


Wigfrid Portrait
A shield öf sörts.


Webber Portrait
We're a giant spider! Wearing a shell!


Walani Portrait
Protection from nature, by nature.


Warly Portrait
It allows me to turtle.


Woodlegs Portrait
Don't seem right ta turtle in a fight.


Warbucks Portrait
Quite durable!


Winona Portrait
Go ahead, give'it a punch.


Snurtle Shell Armor is a wearable Armor that can be dropped by Snurtles.

It has 1050 durability(735 in Don't Starve Together) and absorbs 60% of physical damage when worn normally. When the player is hiding inside the shell (by right-clicking on it in the inventory), it absorbs 100% of physical damage. Hiding inside the shell also absorbs freezing from Deerclops and Blue Hounds, electric shock from Volt Goats and knocking items out of the inventory from Frogs.

It works like a Bush Hat in that aggressive mobs will not attack the player if they hide before they aggro on them. Additionally, after hiding inside the shell for around 5 seconds, all attackers will lose interest in the player and stop their attacks. This means that the shell can be used to avoid Hound attacks and Shadow Creatures.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Unlike other armors which can't block more damage than they have durability left, Snurtle Shell Armor completely negates damage from hits strong enough to destroy it.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Willow, Wendy and Wigfrid will have their hair clip through the armor, while Webber has spider legs clip through it. This is only a visual issue, and doesn't affect gameplay.
  • If the player is attacked by Charlie while hiding inside the Shell they will receive no Health damage but the hurt animation will play making the player come out of hiding and still take the Sanity damage.

Blueprint GalleryEdit


Wilson hidden in the shell, with his feet and back showing.

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