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The Forge is an Event exclusive to Don't Starve Together, the first of a planned series of such events. The event includes a 6-player co-op challenge in an arena, featuring exclusive enemy Mobs and Bosses, combat perks for all Characters, new Weapons and Armor, a Gladiator and Magmatic Skin set, and a new skin trading system involving Spools. The official version launched on November 9th, 2017. After the event ended on December 4th, 2017, Klei Entertainment published several official statistics.

In 2018, the Forge returned with new items, skins, creatures and community-driven goals. The beta began on November 5, 2018. [1]. The full release of the Forge began on November 8, 2018 and lasted until December 3, 2018. [2]

Official Description Edit

With the Ancient Gateway activated, our survivors now find themselves trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. They’ll need to team up to defeat the Battlemaster’s army and his champion, the Grand Forge Boarrior, if they have any hopes of returning home.

Game Mode Description:
Prove yourself to Battlemaster Pugna in this Gate Realm.
* Enter the world through the Molten Gateway.
* No hunger or sanity.
* Use what you can find. No outside weapons in the Pit!

Content Edit

Gears Mechanics Edit

Setting Up Edit

It is not necessary to have a full set of six players to start a match, though it is recommended to do so. A round will begin either when all six player slots are filled up, or when all players in an incomplete party vote to begin without the full six.

There are no private servers for The Forge.

Gameplay Edit

A character in The Forge gameplay mode does not have any Hunger or Sanity, and only three inventory slots (Head, Body, and Hand). All characters will spawn with a weapon and body armor item (variable, depending on the character chosen) and their head slot empty. All characters have different perks and expertises. Characters will refuse to use weapons that are not their expertise (e.g., Wigfrid will refuse to pick up a Staff, and Wilson is not able to use a Book).

A player's own health is displayed to the left of their inventory bar, with a smaller circle to the upper right of their own health displaying their ally's health. Other players' health circles are displayed in the top left corner of the screen, along with their character icon and their allies' health, if any.

Players and their allies (Bernie for Willow, Abigail for Wendy, and Baby Spiders for Webber) spawn at the Ancient Gateway. Enemies will spawn from Forge Portals. The challenge is divided into 10 rounds of increasing difficulty, separated by pauses during which Battlemaster Pugna speaks and no enemies spawn. Equipment will drop onto the arena during gameplay, after the death of an enemy.

When a player loses all their health, their character will fall over and die. Dead players are unable to move and participate in combat, but can still communicate in the chat function and watch the battle. They can be revived by a living player, but will not resurrect with full health. Resurrection normally takes 6 seconds [Verified] , but having Wilson as the resurrector or Wes as the dead player will halve the time needed (this makes Wilson reviving Wes the fastest possible resurrection time at 1.5 seconds). After being revived, a dead player will take 3 seconds to get back onto their feet.[Verification Needed]

Rounds Edit

Rounds Enemies Spawn
1 3 x Pit Pig 1 at each Portal
2 6 x Pit Pig 2 at each Portal
3 9 x Pit Pig 3 at each Portal
4 12 x Pit Pig 4 at each Portal
5 2 x Crocovile
6 x Pit Pig
1 Crocommander + 3 Pit Pigs on the left,
same on the right
6 2 x Crocovile
6 x Pit Pig
1 Crocommander + 3 Pit Pigs on the left,
same on the right
7 7 x Tortank 2 Snortoises on the right and on the left,
3 Snortoises at the bottom
8 7 x Venomeer 2 Scorpeons on the right and on the left,
3 Scorpeons at the bottom
9 2 x Tortank

2 x Venomeer
1 x Boarilla

1 Snortoise + 1 Scorpeon on the right,

Same on the left

The Boarilla at the bottom

10 2 x Boarilla

2 x Crocovile
19 x Pit Pig
2 x Tortank
2 x Venomeer
1 x Grand Forge Boarrior

First, 1 Boarilla on the right, 1 Boarilla on the left.

Then, 2 waves of 1 Crocommander + 3 Pit Pigs at the Bottom
Then, 1 Snortoise + 1 Scorpeon on the right, same on the left
Then, The Grand Forge Boarior, at the bottom
Finally, 4 Pit Pigs at each portal

11 2 x Rhinocebro 1 on the right, 1 on the left
12 1 x Infernal Swineclops The Infernal Swineclops at the bottom.

Skins Edit

Existing skins, emotes, and other collection objects can be unraveled for Spools, which can then be used to weave other items. The number of Spools received from unraveling a skin is a third of its weaving cost.

Character Specialties Edit

This lists the special abilities of all The Forge characters.

Character Perks Expertise Health Starting Items
Wilson Portrait Wilson Revives allies twice as quickly.
Restores three times more health when reviving allies.
Melee, Darts, Staves 150 Darts Wood Armor
Willow Portrait Willow Protected by Bernie the Bear.
Fire and Explosive attack damage increased by 10%.
Darts, Staves 125 Darts Feathered Reed Tunic
Wolfgang Portrait Wolfgang Becomes Mighty when health is low.
Increased attack power (2x damage), defense, and movement speed while Mighty.
Melee 200 Forging Hammer Wood Armor
Wendy Portrait Wendy Protected by her twin sister, Abigail. Darts, Staves 125 Darts Feathered Reed Tunic
WX-78 Portrait WX-78 Shocks enemies when attacked.
Electric attack damage increased by 50%.
Melee 150 Forging Hammer Wood Armor
Wickerbottom Portrait Wickerbottom Gains a buff after dealing sufficient damage (200 damage), amplifying her next spell. Books, Staves 125 Petrifying Tome Reed Tunic
Woodie Portrait Woodie Lucy returns to Woodie when thrown.
Attack speed increased when wielding Lucy.
Melee 200 Lucy the Axe Wood Armor
Wes Portrait Wes Can be revived twice as quickly.
Gains minimal aggro when attacking.
Less likely to lose aggro once drawn.
Melee, Darts, Staves 100 Darts Feathered Reed Tunic
Waxwell Portrait Maxwell Summons Shadow Duelists after focusing attacks on a single target. Books, Staves 75 Petrifying Tome Reed Tunic
Wigfrid Portrait Wigfrid Battle cries increase nearby allies' next attack damage by 25%.
Gains less aggro when attacking.
Melee, Darts 150 Pith Pike Feathered Reed Tunic
Webber Portrait Webber Accompanied by itsy bitsy spiders. (3 Spiders) Darts 150 Darts Feathered Reed Tunic
Winona Portrait Winona All ability cooldowns are 10% faster. Melee, Darts, Staves 200 Forging Hammer Wood Armor

Weapons Edit

Weapon Type Dmg Special Ability Cooldown Other Notes Spawn Codes
DartsDartsDart20Barrage: Fires off 8 darts in rapid succession. 24 "blowdart_lava"
Forging HammerForging HammerMelee20Anvil Strike: User hits a spell-circle-sized area, stunning and doing 30 damage to anything inside. 18 Anvil Strike makes all hit mobs aggro on user.

Classified as electric damage.

Molten DartsMolten DartsDart25Molten Bolt: Sends a fire shot at the enemy, dealing double damage. Can force Snortoises and Boarillas out of their hiding phase. 18 Drops twice during a match, unless Wigfrid is in the party. "blowdart_lava2"
Hearthsfire CrystalsHearthsfire CrystalsDart15Hearthsfire Bomb: Throws a bomb that explodes in berry-bush-sized area for 75 damage. 6 Explodes after awhile of uninterrupted attacking for 75 damage, RMB resets the detonation.

Explosions count as fire damage, while melee hits do not.

Pith PikePith PikeMelee25Pyre Poker: User rushes forward, dealing 30 damage to anything in its path. 12Pyre Poker attack flips Snortoises, disabling them for some time or until they're attacked."spear_gungnir"
Spiral SpearSpiral SpearMelee30Sky Lunge: User leaps up offscreen into the sky, before divebombing a berry bush-sized area for 75 damage. 12Drops only if Wigfrid is currently in the party.

Replaces the 2nd Molten Darts drop.

Blacksmith's EdgeBlacksmith's EdgeMelee30

Parry: Blocks all damage dealt to its user from chosen direction for a couple of seconds.

12 All hits draw aggro.
When buffed by Wigfrid's Battle Cry, the user will do a small jump and slice the target, dealing 125 damage.
Lucy the AxeRiled LucyMelee20Chuck Lucy: Can be thrown for 30 damage. 1 Very fast cooldown + Any enemy struck when thrown will aggro to the attacker.

If anyone other than Woodie attempts to pick up or throw this weapon, the perk of Woodie's abilities will not apply to them.

Infernal StaffInfernal StaffStaff25Cataclysm Meteor: Summons a meteor that does between 200 to 250 damage to all enemies within spell area, depending on their proximity to the centre. 24Meteor can force mobs to lower their shields."fireballstaff"
Living StaffLiving StaffStaff10Life Blossom: Heals allies and puts enemies to sleep in spell circle. 24Drops at the end of Round 3."healingstaff"
Petrifying TomePetrifying TomeBook15Petrify: Petrifies enemies in spell circle. 18Petrification essentially forces mobs to lower their shields.

Resistance to petrification can be worked around.

Tome of BeckoningTome of BeckoningBook15Magma Golem: Summons a Magma Golem that attacks nearby enemies, dealing 25 damage with each hit. 18Magma Golem can be attacked, and immediately despawns when hit.

Also it won't hit sleeping Mobs.


Body Armor Edit

Armor Defense Value (%) Effect(s) Spawn Code
Reed TunicReed Tunic50+5% CDR"lavaarena_
Feathered Reed TunicFeathered Reed Tunic60+10% Movespeed"lavaarena_
Wood ArmorWood Armor75None"lavaarena_
Jagged Wood ArmorJagged Wood Armor75+10% Physical Damage"lavaarena_
Silken Wood ArmorSilken Wood Armor75+10% CDR"lavaarena_
Stone Splint MailStone Splint Mail85None"lavaarena_
Steadfast Stone ArmorSteadfast Stone Armor90-15% Movespeed, Resistance to Knockback"lavaarena_
Steadfast Grand Armor Steadfast Grand Armor 90 +100 Health, Resistance to Knockback "lavaarena_
Jagged Grand Armor Jagged Grand Armor 80 +50 Health, +20% Physical Damage "lavaarena_
Silken Grand Armor Silken Grand Armor 80 +50 Health, +15% CDR "lavaarena_
Whispering Grand Armor Whispering Grand Armor 80 +75 Health
Buffs Webber's Spiders, Bernie, and Abigail

For Webber, the spiders change appearance, looking similar to Magmatic Webber and angry looking like a Spider Warrior, and dish out bigger damage; maxing out at 18 damage per spider.
For Willow, Bernie gains 2,000 HP, becomes bigger, runs faster, and revive time is faster for when he dies.
For Wendy, Abigail gains 900 HP, becomes bigger, moves faster, and revive time for when she dies goes by drastically faster, also deals more damage per hit.


Headgear Edit

Item Effects Spawn Codes
Barbed HelmBarbed Helm+10% Physical Damage"lavaarena_
Nox HelmNox Helm+15% Physical Damage"lavaarena_
Feathered WreathFeathered Wreath+20% Movespeed"lavaarena_
Crystal TiaraCrystal Tiara+10% CDR"lavaarena_
Flower HeadbandFlower Headband+25% Healing Received"lavaarena_
Woven GarlandWoven Garland+20% Healing Dealt"lavaarena_
Clairvoyant CrownClairvoyant Crown+25% Magic Damage Dealt, +10% CDR, +10% Movespeed"lavaarena_
Resplendent Nox HelmResplendent Nox Helm+15% physical damage, +10% CDR, +10% Movespeed"lavaarena_
Blossomed WreathBlossomed Wreath+2 HP/Second (up to 80% HP), +10% CDR, +10% Movespeed"lavaarena_

Forge Accomplishment Locked Accomplishments Edit

This section lists all requirements of the 50 accomplishments obtainable within The Forge, including character accomplishments only available to specific characters:

Perfect Run Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Solo Survivor Solo Survivor Win a Forge match without dying. 20,000
Forge Accomplishment Team Survivor Team Survivor Win a Forge match without any teammates dying. 30,000
Forge Accomplishment Survival Mis-Fittest Survival of the Mis-Fittest Play on a team with 6 unique characters and win without any teammates dying. 30,000
Speed Run Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Speed Run Bronze Bronze Speed Run Win a Forge match in under 30 minutes. 10,000
Forge Accomplishment Speed Run Silver Silver Speed Run Win a Forge match in under 25 minutes. 20,000
Forge Accomplishment Speed Run Gold Gold Speed Run Win a Forge match in under 20 minutes. 30,000
Forge Mastery Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Down But Not Snout Down But Not Snout Finish the Pit Pig round having taken less than 800 teamwide damage. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Hair Of Their Chinny, Chin, Chin Hair Of Their Chinny, Chin, Chin Finish the Pit Pig round having taken less than 600 teamwide damage. 5,000
Forge Accomplishment Big Wheel Kept From Turnin' Big Wheel Kept From Turnin Finish the Snortoise round without allowing Snortoises to perform more than 3 spin attacks. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Unspun Hero Unspun Hero Finish the Snortoise round without allowing Snortoises to perform any spin attacks. 5,000
Forge Accomplishment Basic Solution Basic Solution Survive the first wave of Scorpeons without any teammates dying from acid. 5,000
Forge Accomplishment Not Today Not Today Survive until the first wave of Scorpeons without any teammates dying. 5,000
Forge Accomplishment Hard To Kill Hard To Kill Survive until the first Boarilla arrives and defeat it without any teammates dying. 10,000
Forge Accomplishment Just Won't Die! Just Won't Die! Survive until the Grand Forge Boarrior is summoned without any teammates dying. 20,000
Wilson Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Standard Deviations Standard Deviations Destroy 3 or more Battle Standards in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Alive It's Alive! Revive a fallen friend. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wilson Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Wilson. 10,000
Willow Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Heat Stricken Heat Stricken Hit 40 or more targets in a single match using Meteor Strikes. 500
Forge Accomplishment Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Stop a spinning Snortoise with using a Molten Bolt attack. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Willow Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Willow. 10,000
Wolfgang Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Caught Off Guard Caught Off Guard Interrupt 5 or more enemies while they're in guard in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment High Striker High Striker Stop a spinning Snortoise using a Anvil Strike attack. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wolfgang Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Wolfgang. 10,000
Wendy Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Enguard Villian En-guard, Villain Interrupt 5 or more enemies while they're in guard stance in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Float like a Butterfly Float Like A Butterfly Take under 100 damage and land 150 darts before the Scorpeon wave. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wendy Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warrior as Wendy. 10,000
WX-78 Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Well-Oiled Machine Well-Oiled Machine Land Anvil Strikes on 50 more targets in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Stop a spinning Snortoise with a shock. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory WX-78 Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as WX-78. 10,000
Wickerbottom Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Library Staff Library Staff Land a killing blow with an amplified Cataclysm Meteor. 500
Forge Accomplishment Spell it Out Spell it Out Cast 3 amplified Life Blossom within 60 seconds. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wickerbottom Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Wickerbottom. 10,000
Woodie Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Werebeaver Chuck Would A Werebeaver Chuck Land 20 Lucy Chucks in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Chopping Block The Chopping Block Stop a spinning Snortoise using Lucy. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Woodie Forging Victory Defeat Battle Master Pugna's warriors as Woodie. 10,000
Wes Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Unspoken Standard Unspoken Standard Destroy 3 or more Battle Standards in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Show Don't Tell Show, Don't Tell Receive the Expert Decoy card at the end of the match. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wes Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Wes. 10,000
Maxwell Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Stone Cold Stone Cold Petrify 25 or more enemies before the Infernal Staff drops. 500
Forge Accomplishment Shadows From The Shadows Deal a killing blow using Maxwell's shadow minions. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Maxwell Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Maxwell. 10,000
Wigfrid Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Exit Pursued Viking Exit Pursued By Viking Flip 20 or more Snortoises in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Curtain Call Curtain Call Buff 3 friends simultaneously 5 times in a match using Battle Cry. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Wigfrid Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Wigfrid. 10,000
Webber Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Webslinger Webslinger Use 3 special attacks in under 20 seconds. 500
Forge Accomplishment Prey Tell Prey Tell Achieve the Merciless card at the end of the match. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Webber Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Webber. 10,000
Winona Requirement XP
Forge Accomplishment Jill of all Trades Jill of All Trades Perform a special attack using a melee weapon, a dart, and a staff in a single match. 500
Forge Accomplishment Maximum Efficiency Maximum Efficiency Use 40 or more special attacks in a single match. 1,000
Forge Accomplishment Victory Winona Forging Victory Defeat Battlemaster Pugna's warriors as Winona. 10,000

Prototype Tips Edit

  • When an enemy is attacked with the Forging Hammer, Blacksmith's Edge or Riled Lucy, they will have a cracked shield icon floating above their heads, meaning their shield is broken. Everybody attacking that enemy while it has the icon over its head will deal more damage.
  • For reference, the Anvil Strike deals electrical damage (affected by WX-78's perk), the Molten Darts and Infernal Staff deal fire damage (affected by Willow's perk), and the Infernal Staff's meteor counts as magical damage while electrical damage counts as physical (affected by armor items).
    • The Tome's melee attack deals physical Damage, and are buffed as such.
  • Wilson is a very useful support character, due to his ability to revive allies faster and with more health. Due to this, it is more useful to give him long-distance weapons and speed-boosting items than damage-boosting or cooldown reduction items, unless he also wields the Living Staff, in which case he should be equipped with cooldown reduction items.
    • If going for Team Survivor and/or Survival of the Mis-Fittest, it is advisable to use a different character that can deal large amounts of damage per second, unlike Wilson can.
  • The Living Staff can be used to take some of the pressure off the fighting if it becomes too intense, as they both heal all players and put all enemies to sleep in casting range. It can also instantly cure any players or allies with Scorpeons' Acid afflictions.
    • Due to this, it is highly recommended to always have at least one group member capable of using staves
    • Winona is an "ok" option since she has the cooldown reduction. But its advised to stick with Wickerbottom
  • The Woven Garland should always be given the the player with the Living Staff, since it's useless for anyone else. Juggling the tiaras won't work and is time consuming.
  • Casting a Life Blossom near fallen players is recommended, as gives the resurrector a safe space to do their work and allows the weakened player to heal after revival at the same time.
  • It is important to distract enemies from aggroing on spellcasters and resurrectors, due to the fact that they need time to complete their tasks, and that their task timer will reset if they take damage in the process.
  • The pauses between rounds when Battlemaster Pugna speaks can be used to revive fallen players/allies, heal, and prepare in general.
  • The Clairvoyant Crown should always be given to the player with the Infernal Staff.
  • In later rounds, it is useful to have a "runner", a player with speed boosts who draws aggro from certain mobs (preferably smaller numbers of more dangerous mobs than greater numbers of weaker ones, since it's easier) and leads them away while the rest of the group deals with the other enemies.
    • Woodie is the best choice for this job because of his ability to chuck Lucy over and over
  • Battle Standards increase enemy defenses, but are defenseless themselves. This allows players unable to tank in melee or be able to kite productively (someone with low damage and low health, such as a Maxwell with a Tome of Petrification on cooldown) to be useful by destroying them.
  • Maxwell and Wickerbottom should sometimes replace their Tomes of Petrification with staves as their main weapon in later rounds to be more supportive to the team.
    • The two weapons can be "juggled" (by picking the book up and using its power, before switching to the staff while it's cooling down) for maximum efficiency.
  • A single enemy mob can be constantly immobilized or kept distracted to prolong the current round and give time for the team to recover and heal. Although this is not recommended in later rounds
  • Since cooldown timers are associated with individual weapons and not the players that wield them, discarded weapons can be temporarily picked up to utilize more special abilities.
  • The Tome of Petrification is mostly ineffective against the Boarilla and the Grand Forge Boarrior, since they can break out rather quickly. However, petrifying Boarrior while another player uses The Living Staff at the same time allows for the Boarrior to be kept in place and instantly sleep after petrification breaks. Moreover, petrifying can be used to temporarily distract the enemy.
  • Wigfrid will create a battlecry for every 8 successful attacks that she lands. Since the Darts' special power is exactly eight shots, using it is a reliable way of triggering a battle cry, if aimed properly.
  • Shielded enemies (Snortoise and Boarilla) can be forced out of hiding with the Anvil Strike (Forging Hammer), Pyre Poker (Pith Pike), Cataclysm Meteor (Infernal Staff) or a Molten Bolt (Molten Darts). The Tome of Petrification can also be used, by forcing them to be immobilized (mobs can only have one status at a time, and being immobilized pushes out "hiding").
    • Its worth noting that attacking shielded enemies are useless and players should just force them out instead
  • When the Grand Forge Boarrior summons reinforcements and Battle Standards (indicated by it stopping combat and banging its clubs together), it should be left alone while the team deals with the summoned enemies.
    • An amplified Cataclysm Meteor from Wickerbottom can kill the Pit Pigs in one hit. An effective strategy is to summon a healing circle in the middle on the Grand Forge Boarrior as he is summoning reinforcements, have all players huddle in the circle and wait for all the Pit Pigs to fall asleep. Wickerbottom then casts the Meteor and instantly rids the group of the Pit Pigs, while dealing damage to the Boarrior.
      • Alternatively, a combo from Wigfrid and Willow can easily kill the Pit Pigs, by having Willow wield the Internal Fire Staff and Wigfrid buffing Willow, prior to Willow's own Cataclysm Meteor.
  • Suggested holders for the Infernal Staff are Willow (10% extra fire damage), Wickerbottom (50% spell powerup perk), and Maxwell (summons Shadow Duelists for 30 damage each if he focuses fire).
  • Steadfast Stone Armor should always be given to the team's tank(s).
  • The Wood Armor and Reed Tunic should be discarded at the earliest opportunity in favor of other armor options, when available.
  • Woodie is, quite possibly, one of the most valuable characters to master in The Forge. Woodie can Chuck Lucy to retrieve aggro on mobs, interrupt an enemy's attack, exploit the attack period of mobs, as well as timing the chuck to interrupt the Grand Forge Boarrior's lethal attacks; possibly saving the staff users' life, also to divert attention from most of the team onto Woodie. The biggest thing to take note of Woodie's abilities, is that everything that makes a Woodie good, is nearly all tied to Riled Lucy.
  • Maxwell's Shadow Duelists are only summoned after prolonged focused fire on one enemy with either the Living Staff or Infernal Staff.
  • Wolfgang, given his perk, can manipulate his health stat to become Mighty. This is usually done by taking most damage for the team in the rounds or taking off armor in some cases or wearing less bulkier armor, like Wood Armor. Once Wolfgang's health is near full, he can repeat the process. This does leave Wolfgang vulnerable if he's getting hit numerous times, as, unlike in the base game, Wolfgang will keep showing the Mighty transformation animation until it ends, leaving Wolfgang unable to move; or if, the transition to Normal and Mighty and vice versa, catches the Wolfgang player off guard.
  • In a match, the drops for equipment may differ from each game.
    • The Resplendent Nox Helm and the Blossomed Wreath can never be in the same match/round. Ideally, one would hope to get the Blossomed Wreath to make Woodie survive easier versus the Grand Forge Boarrior, for example. This has been changed to where the order of the 2 drops of ultimate headgear is determined by RNG or random number generator and killing the Grand Forge Boarrior, in the 2018 version of The Forge.
      • Following the Woodie vs. Boarrior example, if the Blossomed Wreath doesn't drop, Woodie can always use the Flower Headband to compensate; if needed.
    • There is also a chance that, in a 2017 The Forge game, if someone plays as Wigfrid, there are 2 drops for either the Jagged Wood Armor or Silken Wood Armor, no 2 of each item drops in one game.
    • Wigfrid influences the weapon drops in a game. The Spiral Spear drops if Wigfrid is in the game. Due to this, there will be no instances of Molten Darts dropping twice in a match. On the other hand, if Wigfrid doesn't appear in a match, there will be instances of Molten Darts dropping twice in a match and Wigfrid's specific weapon equipment doesn't drop or appear at all.
    • Riled Lucy(s), Darts, Petrifying Tome(s), Forging Hammer(s), and the Pith Pike(s) play no part in influencing weapon drops, due to how the weapons are ultimately determined by character choice.
    • Following the numerous additions of the 2018 version of The Forge, the Grand Armor variants replace all duplicate or double drops of standard armor sets, barring Whispering Grand Armor.
      • For instance, the Steadfast Stone Armor will not be dropped twice, due to the addition of the Steadfast Grand Armor, or, the Jagged Wood Armor will not be dropped twice, due to the addition of the Jagged Grand Armor. With this said, however, instances of the Grand Armors dropping twice, specifically, the Jagged Grand and Silken Grand Armors, will occur in a match.
        • In Jagged Grand Armor's case, the armor drops during the Scorpeon round and the item drops again, once the Grand Forge Boarrior dies.
        • In Silken Grand Armor's case, the armor drops during the Snortoise round and the item drops again, during the 10th round, or, once the Grand Forge Boarrior dies.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The Forge was announced on September 13th, 2017.
  • On October 23rd, 2017, a beta branch including 498 Klei Entertainment servers across 25 regions, with a total approximate capacity of 3,000 players, started on Steam. The beta officially ended on October 30th, 2017. While players were unable to link The Forge drops to their regular skins, players participating in the beta received an exclusive portrait background - Flame Portrait.
  • The Forge and The Gorge are the first events to not to be based off of a holiday.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #158, The Forge is lore-significant, making it the first such event.
  • The Forge and The Gorge are the first events to have special Event Servers dedicated to them.
  • According to Rhymes With Play #162, the dimension of The Forge smells like bacon and sweat.
  • The Infernal Staff's special power used be called "Call Cataclysm" and the Darts used to be called Barrage Darts.
  • The Tome of Beckoning and Spiral Spear were added to the game between the end of the Forge beta and its official release
  • Console is able to be used, however, all things spawned with Console are client sided and do nothing.
  • The Forge was originally planned to end on November 30th, 2017, but it was extended to December 4th, 2017. This change was announced on November 28th, 2017.
  • The Forging Hammer's debugspawn name is "hammer_mjolnir", a reference to Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder.
  • The Pith Pike's debugspawn name is "spear_gungnir", a reference to Gungnir, the spear of the Norse god Odin.
  • There are many references in the achievement names:
    • "Hair Of Their Chinny, Chin, Chin" is a reference to the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs.
    • "Big Wheel Kept From Turnin" is a reference to the rock song Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    • "Unspun Hero" is a play on the phrase "unsung hero", which is someone who does something great but gets no recognition.
    • "Basic Solution" may be a play on bases, which are corrosive substances that react with acids by neutralizing each other. Note that this achievement involves the players surviving the first Scorpeon wave without dying from acid.
    • "Standard Deviations" is referring to the statistical measure of the same name often used in scientific studies.
    • "It's Alive!" is referring to the famous line from the 1931 film Frankenstein.
    • "Ring of Fire" may be a reference to the geographic area containing high levels of volcanic activity or the song of the same name.
    • "High Striker" is referring to the carnival classic also known as the "strongman game".
    • "En-guard, Villain" is a play on the fencing position en garde.
    • "Float Like A Butterfly" is a reference to a quote by Muhammad Ali.
    • "Circuit Breaker" is the exact name of a device that interrupts the flow of a current through a circuit to protect it from an overload.
    • "Library Staff" is a play on the double meaning of "staff", here meaning the cane-like object, but also referring to a group of employees.
    • "Would A Werebeaver Chuck" is a reference to the tongue-twister How much wood would a woodchuck chuck.
    • "Exit Pursued By Viking" is a reference to the stage direction "Exit, pursued by bear" from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.
    • "Curtain Call" is referring to the moment in a live performance where the actors return to the stage to get recognized by the audience.
    • "Webslinger" is a reference to the nickname of Spider-Man.
    • "Prey Tell" is a play on words involving the phrase "pray tell" and "prey".
    • "Jill of All Trades" is a reference to the figure of speech "Jack of all trades".
    • "Maximum Efficiency" is referring to a thermodynamic concept involving the limits of heat engines.

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Gramophone Sounds Edit

The Forge theme that plays on the main menu.
The Forge Menu Music
An alternate version of the Forge menu theme.
The Forge Menu Music Low
The music that plays when in battle.
Forge Boss Theme

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Winter's Feast (December 15th, 2016 - January 5th, 2017;
December 18th, 2017 - January 8th, 2018;
December 6th, 2018 - January 24th, 2019)
Year of the Gobbler (January 19th, 2017 - February 14th, 2017)
The Forge (November 9th, 2017 - December 4th, 2017;
November 8, 2018 - December 3, 2018)
Year of the Varg (February 9th, 2018 - March 16th, 2018)
The Gorge (June 14th, 2018 - July 16th, 2018)