• I'm aware that an update of the manual is in progress, though unfinished. I'm hoping that it will include a mention for NOT captalizing the first letter of every noun at every position in a sentence/paragraph. This is a grammar feature implemented in German and other similar languages, and has found its way into a significant portion of articles in the English version of this wiki.

    I realize that several editors/admins here are not native speakers of English, but for those of us who are, having so many capitalized nouns (which are not proper names or titles) interspersed in the text becomes a significant distraction from the actual (and well-written) information in the articles. Even the links to other article pages do not require captialization in the displayed text (the actual page being linked to can be capitalized in the source of the link, if necessary).

    As mentioned, this is a style issue and not entirely subtantive, but it does cause some distraction. Please consider it, and thanks.


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    • Hello, Entharion.

      While I am not too sure myself, I have picked up somewhere a 'Manual of Style Revision' is in the works. I have a link to it here: LINK

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    • Thank you Master Jand, that is the one I saw referenced somewhere also.

      Under the section "Article Contents", I see the following bullet point:

      [Whenever any article name is mentioned, it must be capitalized, if the usage of the word is a reference to the related article. This applies to articles that have common English words as names.

      • Example: First use does not mean the Grass in the game, so it is not capitalized, second and third uses are reference to the related article so they are capitalized: "This biome has a grassy appearance. Twigs and Grass are abundant resources in this biome. The abundance of Grass makes this biome good for settling in."]

      I disagree with this. Even on this is not the style used for its English version. It's just not how proper English is written, even in encyclopedias.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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