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  • Hey, I brought dont starve a while ago back when it could only be played on chrome for mac. I go into dont strave and try to get a key for the steam version so I can run it with out having to have internet connection but it doesnt work. Thanks 

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    • Can you provide any more info? Such as what error if any you get? And while Leaven may be able to help you, you would be better off reading [this] and reporting it to their support forum.

      Note to Leaven. It did that bug here to. Adding a space seemed to partially fix it. Adding the unaltered link that I initially put for you to look at. [[1]]

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    • I was going to direct you to that forum post as well, the "Where's my serials?" section should have what you need.

      @Skyte: you mean the [[ ]] bug?

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    • Yes thats the bug I mean Leaven.

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