This is a policy page for Don't Starve Wiki.
Codex Umbra
It contains widely accepted standards that editors should normally follow. Any significant changes must require community consensus. You can make a discussion in forum.
Glommer Dear editors, please free to add new tasks on this page.

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Minor Checks
Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit.
Please Help !

Missing content

  • Expand on ANR and SW content in general.
  • Add Winona's quotes to all pages.
  • Added Winona player examination quotes to other DST characters' quote pages.
  • Effects of Ruins Regeneration in DST.
  • Add Sand Spikes and Sand Castles to Antlion page.
  • Fix up the character quotes pages.
  • Add SW clothes images to character clothes pages.
  • Add Cormorant content to Birds page.
  • Blue and Yellow Crocodog info
  • Better documentation for base game & ROG items with different DST examination quotes

Pages in need of improvement

Wanted Pages

Wanted Images

  • Tree saplings (all types)
  • Repaired Rook (Marble Sculpture)
  • Mangrove, Totally Normal Tree, and Regualr Jungle Tree stumps
  • Picked Seaweed (plant)
  • Burnt Straw and Wood Walls
  • Burnt Scarecrow
  • Sea Lab in-game build
  • Flaming Tar Trap (in-game, just to show how it is)
  • Winona in-game (default, clothes, and character-specific skins)
Page projects
  • The possibility of onmouseevent in the wiki.
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