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Wilson Portrait
Yeesh! I'm not kissing that!


Willow Portrait
It's covered in nasty warts and fungus!!


Wolfgang Portrait
Bah! Frogman was hiding like coward!


Wendy Portrait
Just swallow us whole and end our misery.


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Wickerbottom Portrait
It has formed a dangerous symbiotic relationship with fungal spores.


Woodie Portrait
I'm gonna need a bigger axe.


Waxwell Portrait
What an abomination!


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Ha! Finally, a wörthy föe!


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Yikes! That's a big frog!


The Toadstool is an aggressive Boss Mob in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It is only found in the Caves. Upon death, it drops 1 Frog Legs, 1 Mushroom Cap of each type with other two 33% chances to get an extra cap for each type, three to five Meat with a 50% chance to get the fourth piece and another 25% chance to get the fifth piece, one Shroom Skin, and 2 Rare Blueprints. The first blueprint will always be of a Funcap (with equal chances) and the second one will always be of a Mushroom Light, having a 33% chance of being a Glowcap. It will additionally drop a Shroom Skin every time a third of its health is taken.

It takes 4 blasts from the Ice Staff to freeze it and 5 Sleep Darts to put it to sleep.

The Toadstool has the ability to attach a Spore Bomb to any player within melee range, providing a bit of light until it explodes into a Spore Cloud, which lingers for a few moments and damages players as long as they are in it. The Spore Cloud will also rapidly spoil any perishable item within its area, making a fight with a Ham Bat inefficient.

It also will sometimes hop on ground, causing a Slam attack similar to the one done by Bearger.

It can also cause four Boomshrooms to sprout around itself, which will explode after a few seconds.

Sporecaps Edit

Sporecap build

During the fight, the Toadstool will stop in place and start spawning Sporecaps. These, while also providing light, will also charge up the Toadstool. Based on the number of Sporecaps, the Toadstool gets set to a particular level, which changes his speed, damage, attack period, damage absorption (armor), hit recovery (number of seconds between "hit" animations), and the number of Boomshrooms spawned. The number of Boomshrooms also vary by phase, which is controlled by his current health, and the phase transitions are identified by him dropping a Shroom Skin. Players can easily notice the charge level by checking the mushroom caps on the Sporecaps or on Toadstool's back. The more puffed they are, the stronger the Toadstool will be.

Sporecaps Level Speed Damage Attack Period Absorption Hit Recovery Extra Boomshrooms Boomshroom spawns in a row
0 0 0.6 100 3.5 0% 1 0 1
1-4 1 0.8 120 3.0 20% 1.5 0-1 2
5-7 2 1.2 150 2.5 40% 2 0-2 3
8+ 3 3.2 250 2.0 80% 3 0-3 5

Chopping down Sporecaps will reduce the Toadstool's level. If Toadstool leaves or dies, all spawned Sporecaps will retreat into the ground.

Spear Fighting Strategy Edit

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill a Toadstool when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon No. of hits for
Fishing RodBug Net 12353
Lucy the Axe 3861
Shovel Pitchfork Hammer Torch Umbrella Walking Cane Willow's Lighter 3089
Axe Pickaxe Luxury Axe Opulent Pickaxe Boomerang Tail 'o Three Cats 1931
Ham Bat 883-1750
PickSlashAxe 1716
Spear 1545
Bat Bat Battle Spear 1236
Electric Dart 350 or 584
Morning Star 727 or 1207
Slurtle Slime 1050
Tentacle Spike 1030
Thulecite Club 883
Tooth Trap 875
Dark Sword 773
Blow Dart 525
Fire Staff Fire Dart 350-525
Gunpowder 263

It takes 4 blasts to freeze a Toadstool with an Ice Staff and it takes 4 Sleep Darts to put it to sleep.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Don't Starve Together - Toadstool's Boss Theme(Sound Quality Fixed)01:07

    Don't Starve Together - Toadstool's Boss Theme(Sound Quality Fixed)

    The Toadstool was first teased months prior to its official announcement in a Rhymes with Play developer stream.
  • The Toadstool is a tongue-in-cheek portmanteau of the words "Toad" and "Toadstool", a common term to describe Mushrooms.
  • The Toadstool had 156500 Health and the ability to flee after 5 minutes when it was first released. After Revision 191503, the health value was greatly reduced and the time limit was removed.
  • Toadstool is the first boss to have its own battle music.

Blueprint Gallery Edit

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