Wilson Portrait
Nothing but net.


Willow Portrait
I'll catch a bunch of wet stuff with this.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang will trap you in his net!


Wendy Portrait
A way to wrest items from the sea's grip.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
For collecting debris at sea.


Woodie Portrait
The fishes should swim right into this.


Waxwell Portrait
I see no downside to using this.


Wigfrid Portrait
I shall ransack the sea!


Webber Portrait
I wonder what we'll drag up.


Walani Portrait
Lootin' and cruisin'.


Warly Portrait
Ah! The life of a fisherman!


Woodlegs Portrait
Fer trawl'n around.


The Trawl Net is a Boat attachment from the Shipwrecked DLC. It is crafted from 3 Rope and 2 Bamboo and must be prototyped at the Science Machine. It is also a reward from the Yaarctopus in exchange for Bisque. Trawl Nets cannot be attached to rafts.

The Trawl Net is used for capturing small marine life and items on the water bed. It has 9 storage slots and drops upon being full. It can be detached manually before it is full, but it cannot be attached or retrieved again. The player can click on a detached Trawl Net to open it and retrieve the contents. Detached Trawl Nets cannot be retrieved, and will sink 90 seconds after being detached, dropping any items it contains once it disappears. If the player fails to collect them before the Trawl Net sinks, any living creatures will die and their dead versions will drop instead. Items caught in the Trawl Net will not stack even if they normally would in the inventory.

Using the Trawl Net lowers sailing speed by 25% and removes equipped Sails, regardless of the boat it is attached to, and forces the player to paddle their boat. A new item can be caught in the trawl net for every 15–25 seconds of constant movement in any direction. Dragging trawl net over a Mussel spawn will yield a single mussel and consume the spawn. Jellyfish and Seaweed can also be caught with the Trawl Net by sailing close by them and catching them in the net, or Wobsters by sailing over them when they leave their dens at dusk/night. Bioluminescence can also be collected by the Trawl Net during the Dusk and the night time. The Quacken has a chance to spawn every time an item is collected.

Additionally, items that sunk in the Ocean can be retrieved by sailing over them with an attached Trawl Net. These items will periodically generate bubbles to indicate their location. Items can only be retrieved this way if they didn't sink in the Deep Ocean, and less than 2 days have passed since they sunk. Items that remain sunk in the ocean after 2 days, are lost forever, and cannot be retrieved. Items sunk in Deep Ocean tiles are immediately lost and cannot be retrieved.

The following items can be obtained through the Trawl Net depending on the Season:

Ocean Layer Chance Acquirable Items
Shallow 21.1% Seaweed Rocks
10.5% Mussel Fish Coral Empty Bottle
5.3% Wobster Jellyfish Dead Dogfish
Midway 11.6% Seaweed Mussel Fish Coral
5.8% Jellyfish Dead Dogfish Empty Bottle, Bone Shards Spoiled Fish Old Boot
2.9% Wobster Dubloons Gold Nugget License Plate
1.4% Spyglass Fire Staff Ice Staff Pan Flute Ancient Vase
Deep 7.9% Seaweed Mussel Jellyfish Fish Coral Dead Dogfish
4.0% Empty Bottle Bone Shards Spoiled Fish Dubloons Gold Nugget
2.0% Wobster Spyglass Fire Staff Ice Staff Pan Flute Red Gem Blue Gem Purple Gem Luxury Axe Regal Shovel Razor Spear Compass License Plate Old Boot
1.0% Life Giving Amulet Ancient Vase Trident

Ocean Layer Chance Acquirable Items
Shallow 12.9% Seaweed Fish Coral Empty Bottle Rocks
6.5% Mussel Wobster Jellyfish Dead Dogfish
3.2% Dubloons License Plate Old Boot
Midway 8.2% Seaweed Mussel Jellyfish Fish Coral Dead Dogfish Empty Bottle Bone Shards Spoiled Fish
4.1% Wobster Dubloons Gold Nugget
2.0% Spyglass Fire Staff Ice Staff Pan Flute License Plate Old Boot
1.0% Ancient Vase Trident
Deep 5.7% Seaweed Mussel Jellyfish Fish Coral Dead Dogfish Empty Bottle Bone Shards Spoiled Fish
2.9% Dubloons Gold Nugget Spyglass Ice Staff Pan Flute Red Gem Blue Gem Purple Gem Luxury Axe Regal Shovel Razor Spear Compass License Plate Old Boot
1.4% Wobster Fire Staff Trident
0.7% Life Giving Amulet Ancient Vase

Ocean Layer Chance Acquirable Items
Shallow 11.4% Seaweed Mussel Fish Coral Empty Bottle Rocks Obsidian
5.7% Wobster Jellyfish Dead Dogfish
2.9% Dubloons
Midway 7.7% Seaweed Mussel Jellyfish Fish Coral Dead Dogfish Empty Bottle Bone Shards Spoiled Fish
3.8% Wobster Dubloons Gold Nugget Fire Staff Obsidian
1.9% Spyglass Ice Staff Pan Flute License Plate Old Boot
1.0% Ancient Vase Trident
Deep 5.7% Seaweed Mussel Jellyfish Fish Coral Dead Dogfish Empty Bottle Bone Shards Spoiled Fish
2.9% Dubloons Gold Nugget Spyglass Fire Staff Pan Flute Red Gem Blue Gem Purple Gem Luxury Axe Regal Shovel Razor Spear Compass Obsidian
1.4% Wobster Ice Staff License Plate Old Boot Trident
0.7% Life Giving Amulet Ancient Vase

PrototypeTips Edit

  • Seaweed can be collected without use of tools, and Jellyfish and Bioluminescence can be caught with a Net. Mussel spawns can yield up to 6 Mussels with the use of a Mussel Stick, instead of just one when caught by the Trawl Net, however Mussel Stick will need some time to reach its maximum. Trawl Net will catch these when they touch it, so avoiding them while using Trawl Net will increase the cache of getting rarer rewards, making better use of the resources.
  • To get Pan Flutes or the Trident, trawling in deep water during Hurricane Season or Dry Season is optimal, although there isn't too much difference in chances of getting them during Mild and Monsoon season.
  • To get Gold Nuggets or Dubloons, trawling in medium water during Hurricane Season is best, with deep water during Mild and Monsoon seasons close behind, and medium water in Dry Season.
  • To get Obsidian, trawling in shallow water during Dry Season is best.

Blueprint Gallery Edit

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