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Wilson Portrait
Who knows what that tumbleweed has picked up.


Willow Portrait
It looks highly flammable.


Wolfgang Portrait
Come back little tumbling ball!


Wendy Portrait
Alone and rolling through life.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A dried collection of plant matter.


Woodie Portrait
I wish it was sturdier so I could chop it.


Waxwell Portrait
Tumble on, weed.


Wigfrid Portrait
Flee, böuncing cöward!


Webber Portrait
Who knows what that tumbleweed has picked up.


Walani Portrait
It's on a journey called "life".


Warly Portrait
What secrets do you hold?


Woodlegs Portrait
I like me weeds settin' still.


Tumbleweed is a form of flora found in the Reign of Giants DLC. They spawn from an invisible spawner in the Desert biome and can be found tumbling around, often in groups; they may also tumble from a Desert into nearby biomes. Catcoons can also spit up Tumbleweeds. When the player is near a Tumbleweed, it will make a musical sound.

The player can harvest a Tumbleweed to get 3 random items generated on the ground. If the generated item is a non-passive Mob, it will attack the player character. Each item is generated independently, therefore it is possible to get more than one of an item from a single Tumbleweed. Possible items include Gems and other previously non-renewable items, making them renewable. Food items gathered from Tumbleweed have a random freshness.

The following table lists the items that can be generated when a Tumbleweed has been harvested:

Drop Chance Items
40% Cut GrassTwigs
2% Seeds
1% PetalsGord's KnotBeefalo WoolBerriesBlueprintDark PetalsHardened Rubber BungHound's ToothStingerGearsFoliageSilkButterfly WingsRopeCut Reeds
0.5% Frazzled WiresGnome
0.33% Jet FeatherCrimson FeatherAzure FeatherSaffron Feather
0.1% RabbitMolewormBeeFrogSpiderBone ShardsMosquito
0.04% Blue Gem
0.02% Red GemBeard HairOrange GemGreen Gem
0.01% Yellow GemPurple Gem

Prototype TipsEdit

  • It is recommended for players to have a weapon prepared when harvesting large amounts of Tumbleweeds as hostile Mobs can spawn on occasion.
  • Tumbleweeds can catch on fire if they touch unprotected fires, or spontaneously during Summer like other flammable objects. Burning Tumbleweeds will continue to roll with the same speed, and can ignite anything they come in contact with. Players should make sure their bases or structures are protected by not creating unprotected fires (like Campfires) where Tumbleweeds can spawn. Protected fires, such as a Firepit will not ignite nearby flammable objects.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Tumbleweeds used to be a possible source of Fireflies. #103865 revision patch removed this functionality.
  • The speed at which Tumbleweeds hop around is relative to the player's current movement speed. This can easily be seen if the player uses console commands to increase their speed.
  • Although Tumbleweeds appear to be blown by wind, two nearby Tumbleweeds will not always be blown in the same direction.
  • Musical sound made by the Tumbleweeds is reminiscent of piano tunes in Western movies.

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • When running against a tumbleweed next to an edge of water the tumbleweed can be pushed off and start moving normally as if it was still on land.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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