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  • Cyde042

    I also lost interest in Don't Starve (it's still in developement, and it doesn't have end-game content) for now at least, and I though of creating different challanges to incorporate adrenaline and the "real deal" of surviving, for example:

    1. 1

    Difficulty: Hardcore

    Days to survive: 20


    • Food source - Raw or cooked drum stick and honey (ONLY), exception 1st day(including dusk and night, after teh 1st night has ended, other food that is not a drum stick can't be eaten) (you might spawn in a big swamp biome and there a little chance you'll find berry bushes).

    //Aditional obligations can be added such as weapon/armor/head slots restrictions for example:

    • Weapon - Stone Hammer/Fists (in defensive purposes, normal tools can be used freely)
    • Head …
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  • Cyde042

    Another try to create a community discussion, as most of us know, as of the latest patch the first so-called "boss" has been introduced, the Spider queen. I'm sure everyone has a story to tell about his first or second encounter with the spider queen, so go ahead and write your story down. But anyway here's mine:

    As soon as I downloaded the update, I've gone intro my world and spent some time around the spider dens that were already present, but no luck of a queen, I tried scavenging other islands, still had no luck. I said screw it and have gone into making the new weapons. All of them worked out great, especially the fire dart which intriged me, and I have got an idea that could potentially sooner or later help me kill the queen. Anyways …

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  • Cyde042

    I feel the need of integrating our editors into more of a comunity, the other "Fort" discussion seems to have done well, so now let's discuss our Near-Death situations, how can we get better at the game and avoid making drastic mistakes. Here's mine:

    I planted ~40 trees right near my base to chop down, luckily I had man-made pig village right bellow it, so I fed 5 pigs to ease the job. It got dark real fast and the pigs couldn't find their way home, so I lit a torch and  showed their way home, but I set up a spider nest near their houses, to get some silk once in a while, They started attacking the spiders and I assisted them, the full moon rose and the damn pigs turned into were-pigs all 5 of them.They killed the spiders, and started attac…

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  • Cyde042

    Long story short, I started researching bees and bee mines and I've gone to my last natural bee hive to take photos of the killer bees, on the way it got dark (I was in a forest biome and there were like 5 spider nests right by me) and I see something shiny in the woods, I go closer, it looks like an amulet, with TONS of manure on it, now I gathered 3 stacks of 20 from it, but I stopped to write this post 1st. And while I was gathering it, 22 bees spawned right out of nowhere (I might have forgotten a bee mine in my inventory maybe but 22?!) and all of them targeted the spiders nearby and of course they all died leaving me with some honey and stingers. The amulet...the other day I had 2 amulets stacked in a chest and when I equiped it, I r…

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  • Cyde042


    December 13, 2012 by Cyde042

    It has come to my notice that the Red Hound was renamed to Flame Hound...which isn't entirely true, the game calls it a "Red Hound" (last time I checked) and to find out a mobs name, just press CTRL and hover your mouse over it, either a monster, animal etc. And not only mobs, but Items, Structures... also. I think a new template is needed for mobs, I've also seen pages that had HP amount in the info, I want to see some proof that states exact HP. Yes, some mobs do take more hits than other like the treeguard, but regardless of that there is no evidence of there being actual "HP", maybe it's just Hit Points needed to die or sth. Thank you for your time.

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