Hey guys and welcome to my first blog post..

Today I am gonna suggest some ideas about weapons in Dont starve..

Note that those Ideas are just for fun and we all know Klei aint give a shit.Besides its just a wiki..

Have fun reading this anyway!


Survival Knife: Requires 1 flint,1 board and 1 hammer..Once you craft the knife there is still one more thing you will have to do in order to have a completed knife.The player must use it on the fire (like cooking ).When the knife is ready it has 100 uses (durability ).It will be mostly used on crafting other  weapons ,tools and stuff..It can be also used as a weapon and it deals 30 damage per hit,but consumes 5 durability instead of 1.

Scythe:Requires 3 flint ,2 boards and 1 rope..It will be being used on cutting grass ,twigs and reeds twice faster in order to save time.It has 50 uses, each use consuming 2 durability.It can also be used as a weapon dealing  27.2 damage and consuming 5 durability .


Lighter:Not only Willow has a lighter..Requires 5 charcoal ,5 gold nuggets ,1 gear.Just because it has gears,it has to have a lil bit longer durability.This implies that it works like a torch.It loses 1% durability per/3 seconds,so it can last 5 minutes,almost a day.It doesnt however have an insulation factor,like Willow's.It is being used in crafts and in lighting a smoking pipe..(for the smoking pipe,see here:

Matches:A box of 10 matches.Requires 5 saplings ,5 charcoal and 2 papyruses.It is used to light stuff on fire.The box of matches has 100 durability ,each match being used costing 10% durability .They are especially usefull on lighting a smoking pipe.(for smoking pipe,see here: )


Bow and Arrows:The bow requires 2 saplings ,1 rope ,2 slurtle slime* .When crafted it can throw arrows as fast as the darts are thrown.It is unbreakable. There are different types of arrows.Their basic matterial is bird feathers like the darts.

  • The first type of arrow,the classic arrow requires 2 azure feathers,1 sapling and 1 flint to be crafted.It is stealthy meaning that if you attack a beefalo (for example) the rest of the herd won't start chasing you.It deals 100 damage per arrow and in order to stack the character has to wear a quiver.
  • The second type of arrow,the stun arrow requires 2 jet feathers,1 sapling and 2 silk to be crafted.It has the ability to lower the  walking speed and damage by 35% of every mob except Spiders ,Rock Lobsters ,Treeguards ,and all kinds of Tentacles .However It deals only 30 damage per arrow.In order to stack the character has to wear a quiver.
  • The third type of arrow ,the explosive arrow requires 2 crimson feathers,1 sapling,1 nitre and it has to be lighted by any fire source (torch ,campfire or fire pit ) in order to explode when reaches the enemy's body.It deals 120 damage if it's exploding mechanism is activated (lighted by fire) and it damages all the nearby mobs as well within a range of 2 berry bushes. However if thrown without being activated it deals 40 damage and no splash damage.

Quiver:Arrows also require a quiver to stack.Only one type of arrow can be saved at a quiver at a time..The arrows stack when they are saved in a quiver..The quiver is an item that can be used at the chest slot,and it is used to save items (only arrows however) like a backpack .It has only one slot wich can save up to 40 arrows of a kind.It requires 5 pig skin ,4 boards ,and 3 ropes to be crafted.

Musket:It requires 5 boards ,6 cut stone ,3 gears.It is a ranged weapon that requires gunpowder to shoot..It is unbreakable.When the player drags a stack of gunpowder,the musket starts to gain durability . 20 gunpowders can get consumed at the time, meaning that each gunpowder gives the musket 5% durability.It deals 100 damage per gunpowder.When it is fired it requires a 4 seconds time in order to automatically reload the musket.When the character fires the musket, a shot sound will scare all the passive mobs to flee (except chester ).

Throwing knifes:It requires 1 knife (scroll up),2 gold nuggets and 3 flints to craft 1 throwing knife.They stack up to 20 and they are rappidly thrown.Each throwing knife deals 35 damage.

thats all I've got for now..Tell me your suggestions..Thanx for reading!