Restart 1

(this is my first blog so if you have any tips about editing that would help a lot!)

  • i got angry and restarted


  • i might play shipwrecked to do the powdercake challenge linked to RoG so when its summer i go to Rog and when its winter i go to Shipwrecked. That seems like the fastest way now that i think about it... but its too late for that now! after all the game just started and i need to pick a character, Restarting the challenge already cant be a bad sign... Can it?
  • i found AND killed the bee queen so for people who say she cant be killed solo i have proof that she can be because im playing the winters feast event
  • i found dragonfly by a ton of spiders that took her out! i have 0 room so im gonna work on a krampus farm soon.
  • i found beefalo, volt goats, and the best layout for a fire farm! im so glad i started over the challenge! im thinking of getting a mod that adds shipwrecked giants because this is getting too easy.
  • scratch that... someone ate the powdercake so now im making one in Sw/RoG

Try #3 (please end this already)

  • this world is gonna be a Sw/RoG world because its gonna be more easy than dst. i also decided to add some goals: 1, make a lureplant farm. 2, find a volcano. 3, get 666 rot (my lucky number). 4, find DoyDoys? (doydoies?  Doyettes? idc anymore...)