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  • I live in Czech Republic
  • I was born on May 16
  • I am male
  • Filipsperl

    New wiki

    May 8, 2016 by Filipsperl

    Did someone took over the wiki?

    I've noticed some things changing, more organising, new main page...

    Good job to whoever is doing this :)

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  • Filipsperl

    Big tentacles in DST

    January 10, 2016 by Filipsperl

    Not sure if anone noticed it, but there is no information about big tentacles in DST.

    Basically, what I've seen is that they won't drop any item, nor cause an earthquake. Instead they just retreat and let you travel through the hole they've been in. It works kinda like wormhole, it spits you out next to another big tentacle.

    However, I'm not sure if the travel costs you anything, like sanity, if they are paired up, if the tentacles ever come out again and more.

    If you have some information about these "cave wormholes", please share it on the Big Tentacle page. I, as well as other hungry cave dwellers, would appreciate your help.

    sry4eng ;)

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  • Filipsperl

    So this is what I calculated a long time ago. It's probably the best way to get plenty of marble(+rope xD), thelucite and future moonrock with green amulets and staves:

    5 green gems,  4 living logs,  11 nightmare fuel,  2 thulecite (6 moonrocks, 400 sanity)

    192 moonrocks => 38,4/gem

    11 green gems,  5 living log,  12 thulecites,  28 nightmare fuel (6 marble, 2 ropes, 500 sanity)

    208,33% marble suit, 52 ropes, 156 marble => 14,1818/gem

    11 green gems,  5 living log (30 nightmare fuel, 15 thulecites, 500 sanity)

    416,66% thulecite suit, 22 nightmare fuel, 63 thulecites => 7,0909/gem

    However, I forgot how to do this step by step. If anyone is interested, you can take it as a little competition and try to find the solution ;)

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  • Filipsperl

    "BEST to haunt" list

    January 4, 2015 by Filipsperl

    Hi, so as requested I will be doing a list of things which are profitable and safe to haunt and then put it on Haunting page. You guys can also correct or help me do this :)

    • How are normal ghosts useful to player-ghosts?
    • Does haunting lazy forager still has 25% chance of picking up nearby items to player-ghost? Because this would allow something even more awesome...
    • Will haunted Ewecus try to spawn a new one?

    • Suspicious tracks - 100% being investigated
    • Books - 25% being read
    • Blueprints - 50% teaching you new, random recipe
    • Pile o' Balloons - 100% blowing balloon
    • Balloons - 100% exploding
    • Rabbit Holes - 100% ousting rabbit
    • Triggered Tooth Traps - 75% reset (prepared ones can be activated, haunt only triggered ones!)
    • Hounds - 50% changing type (fire or ice) + panici…

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  • Filipsperl

    I would love to have it. If you guys can find it somewhere or make one here ?

    Thanks and don't forget to not starve :)


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