Notice: This is my first character idea. If you suggest ideas, I will consider adding it. This is also under construction.

Name: Wren

Nickname: The Birdwatcher

Quote: "Come, little bird! All I want is your friendship!"

Sanity: 130

Health: 125

Hunger: 135

Starting Items: Binoculars -- Allows you to see farther, Bird Flute -- Calls birds.

Appearance: A young, tanned man around the age of 19 with short, messy, dark hair. He wears a pale green shirt with a tan vest and jeans. He wears black shoes.

Pros and Cons

  • Loves all birds. -- He gets a -5 sanity decrease when hurting any birds and eating bird meat. Can harmlessly take feathers from birds. (The Moose/Goose does not apply to this perk.)
  • Starts with a nice flute. -- Can use his flute to bring birds to him.
  • Owns a pair of binouclars. -- Can see farther with binoculars.
  • Knows proper bird care. -- Can befrend certian birds, which will bring him dropped items.

Origin Story

In a cabin, there was a small family of two. Both of them were bridwatchers. As years past, the family grew older, and the father died. The boy, Wren, heard a voice comig from his radio. "Seek a bird with black and pruple feathers. It will take you to your family." It said. Wren did as told, but ended up in a different world.


Character Exclusive

  • Bird Flute - "I can call birds with this beauty."
  • Binoculars - "It hangs around my neck if I'm not using it."


  • Axe - "Good for getting lumber."
  • Luxury Axe - "It shines as bright as gold. Oh, it is gold."
  • Shovel - " Dig dig dig! Digging all day long!"
  • Regal Shovel - "A shovel fit for a king!"
  • Pickaxe - "I feel like I can mine even the strongest metals!"
  • Opulent Pickaxe - "It's very pretty!"
  • Razor - "I have no use for this!"
  • Hammer - "Nobody but me can touch this!"
  • Pitchfork - "Good for waving in the air along with a torch."
  • Lucy the Axe - "An axe fit for a lumberjack."
  • Feather Pencil - "A bird's feather put to use!"
  • Brush - "I will use this tool to brush as many Beefalo as I can!"
  • Saddle - "It fits every size."
  • War Saddle - "For warriors fo every size."
  • Glossamer - "I will ride like the wind!"
  • Saddlehorn - "For impatient riders."
  • Salt Lick - "If a licker could lick a salt lick, how many licks would it take to lick to the middle of the salt lick?"
  • Machete - "Very sharp!"
  • Luxury Machete - "Cut with pure gold!"


  • Campfire and Fire Pit (upon being built) - "The fire will warm and protect me."
  • Campfire (high) - "It'll burn me if I put in any more fuel."
  • Fire Pit (high) - "It won't burn me if it's contained!"
  • Campfire and Fire Pit (normal) - "Toasty!"
  • Campfire and Fire Pit (low) - "I need to add fuel before it goes out!"
  • Campfire and Fire Pit (embers) - "It's very, very, low!"
  • Campfire (out) - "Rest in fire afterlife!"
  • Fire Pit (out) - "There's always more fuel."
  • Torch - "Portable campfire!"
  • Miner Hat - "Artificial fire!"
  • Torch and Mner Hat (out) - "My light is gone!"
  • Pumpkin Lantern - "I love the halloween feeling!"
  • Lantern - "It is very classy."
  • Endothermic Fire and Fire Pit (upon being built) - "It's not warm, but it has light!"
  • Endothermic Fire (high) - "If this spreads, everything wil freeze!"
  • Endothermic Fire Pit (high) - "I'm glad this is contained. It would freeze me!"
  • Endothermic Fire and Fire Pit (normal) - "What's the opposite of toasty? Bready?"
  • Endothermic Fire and Fire Pit (low) - "It's starting to warm."
  • Endothermic Fire and Fire Pit (embers) - "It's nearly lukewarm now!"
  • Endothermic Fire (out) - "Rest in cold fire afterlife!"
  • Endothermic Fire Pit (out) - "There's always more fuel."
  • Moggles - "Ergh! I hope I can wash this stench off."
  • Mushroom Lights - "It's natural!"
  • Willow's Lighter - "I hope she has another lighter."
  • Chiminea - "Protection for flame!"
  • Bottle Lantern - "It's shining like stars!"
  • Obsidian Fire Pit - "It's gonna burn 3 times as hard as a normal one!"


  • Backpack - "It gives me extra room for my stuff."
  • Piggyback - "Poor piggies."
  • Bird Trap - "With this I can study birds even closer!"
  • Bug Net - "It captures bugs. That's all I have to say."
  • Fishing Rod - "Fishing, fishing, gonna catch some fishies!"
  • Straw Roll - "It's pokey at the top."
  • Fur Roll - "Nice and cozy!"
  • Tent - "Good for sleeping the dark away."
  • Trap - "Useful for catching rabbits."
  • Honey Poultice - "It flows slowly, good for applying the bandage."
  • Healing Salve - "It stings, yet it works."
  • Umbrella - "Rain rain, go away."
  • Compass - "It points to (direction camera is facing)."