I'm back. And with another character idea. WIP!

Walker, The Student "I can stay up for a few more minutes."

  • Carries a light (He has a flashlight which is rechargable. The flashlight runs out of durability in 4 minutes. It can be recharged with Eletrical Doodads.)
  • Night owl (He won't be able to sleep in tents, and he moves faster at night. He also will have a slightly lower sanity loss at night. Sanity decreases are stronger during daytime.)
  • Weak bones (He does 75% of normal damage and gets hurt 25% more.)
  • Loves sweet things (Starts with 1 Taffy.)

Sanity: 150

Health: 160

Hunger: 135

Starting items: Flashlight, Taffy


Walker has messy brunette hair and bags under his eyes. He wears a golden-yellow sweatshirt and steel-gray sweatpants. He also wears gray and red sneakers.

More info on skins soon.


Walker was studying late one night when his Voxola radio started strangely speaking to him. It said "Your studies are failing. But I'll help boost your knowledge." The radio proceeded to help him build a makeshift portal. Walker was confused, but he didn't question it. "Go in, Walker," the radio told him, and he did so, and ended up in the Constant.



Base Game

  • Axe - "Choppity chop chop."
  • Luxury Axe - "Shiny and sharp."
  • Shovel - "I could dig all day!"
  • Regal Shovel - "Gold is pricey, but also pretty."
  • Razor - "It might cut me if I'm not careful."
  • Razor (can't shave) - "Logic: 1, Razor: 0."
  • Razor (nothing left) - "I don't want to hurt it's skin."
  • Razor (shaving a waken beefalo) - "Betsy's awake, so I can't shave 'er."
  • Hammer - "Boom boom boom and a bam bam bam!"
  • Pitchfork - "Move the world!"

Don't Starve Together

  • Lucy the Axe - "Uncle Walker's gonna take care of ya."
  • Feather Pencil - "Poor birdie, but I can finally write that essay."
  • Brush - "The tool of professional petters."
  • Saddle - "I can finally follow my cowboy dreams!"
  • War Saddle - "Yee-haw but in Latin!"
  • Glossamer Saddle - "Speedy Gonzales, right?"
  • Saddlehorn - "Off goes the saddle."
  • Salt Lick - "How many licks could a salt lick lick if a salt lick could lick salt?"
  • Salt Lick (burning) - "Salt's flammable?"
  • Salt Lick (burnt) - "Well, at least there's no danger of too bitterness."


  • Machete - "Hack, as in chop."
  • Luxury Machete - "Luxurious!"


Base Game

  • Campfire and Fire Pit (upon being built) - "Fwoosh!"
  • Campfire (high) - "It's hot!"
  • Fire Pit (high) - "Flammability risk contained."
  • Campfire (normal) - "Reminds me of Boy Scouts."
  • Fire Pit (normal) - "Mason and I used to tell spooky stories around our backyard fire."
  • Campfire (embers) - "Firewood! We need firewood!"
  • Fire Pit (embers) - "C'mon, burn higher!"
  • Campfire (out) - "That's gone for real."
  • Fire Pit (out) - "Let's get it back up again!"
  • Torch - "I feel like a real adventurer already!"
  • Miner Hat (normal and run out) - "Spelunk isn't an onomatopoeia?"
  • Pumpkin Lantern - "Halloween's early this year."
  • Lantern - "Mason hand-fashioned these with fireflies."


  • He's voiced by an acoustic guitar.
  • Mason, who's referenced in some of his quotes, is Walker's older brother.