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A Resume if anybody ever wants somebody in their DST World.

Hello! I'm Jand, and I play DST just like you! *yaaay!*

So, Here's some stuff about me:

Steam Name: Master Jand

Longest lived in Don't Starve Original: I'm still surviving in a world, but I haven't touched it for long. It's around 1,000 days. It got super boring once I got to day like 100, so I don't play it that much anymore.

Longest lived in DST: Ongoing series I play with friends on a Plus world. It's ~1,100 days there.

Characters I usually go as:




Wes (when I'm up for a challenge)

How long do I play for?

I can play for up to 2 hours each day, from 7:30 - 9:30 PM (PST)

I am currently doing the Powcake challenge, I was inspired my Mr. Kise. I'm on day ~132.

One time, I had a lights out world. It was hard for me to play like this; I'm not used to not getting gold out of PK. But it was kind of like playing Cave's only challenge. So I survived until like day 35, when Deerclops came unnoticed and rekt everything I knew and loved.

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