Okay. So, I decided to do this challenge soley because other people started doing it. (Mr. KisE and Desona)

I read the wiki and it says it requires 18750 in-game days to rot, or just about 104 real days of gameplay to rot it.

So this is going to be a side-project I will be doing in my free time, and it will probably take 2 years. :P

I am doing this in a SW/RoG Merge slot, and I will be getting by powdercake with the help of a Crock Pot, not the console. (It doesn't appear to work on my computer for some reason).

I will publish the first world's progress when I am done.

World 1

Today I decided to play DS for a bit longer than usual. I spawned in Autumn as Wilson and began doing the normal gathering of supplies and such. I had found an excelent location with a pig king, marsh, desert, and sinkhole all near to eachother. I plopped down my science machine, fire pit, some chests, and a crock pot down on days 2, 2, 3, and 5 respectively. Once I got them all down, I fed some sticks to catcoons until I got some corn seeds. I made a basic farm, grew some corn, and, with the help of some pigs, took down a killer bee nest without losing any health.

I made the powdercake on day 7. Which was also the day of my first hound attack. I evaded it quickly, with the help of some pigs.

Now that I had the powdercake, I went to the desert and made a tumbleweed catcher. I picked a ton of them until I had finally got some gears. I made an ice box to store my food. I boxed off my powdercake in stone walls to make sure that none of the pigs would eat it, and began working on a food supply.

I fed all the pigs morsels and brang them out to a tier 3 spider den. They took it down with ease.

I built some spider dens around the pig houses, and made a fishing rod and bug net with the loot. I caught some butterflies and planted them around a catcoon den for free butterfly wings. I went fishing for a while and had a good supply of meat. I then adventured outwards.

On day 12, I had found 2 things; the crank thing and the metal potato thing. I kept them at my home base. I had found a beefalo herd, and decided to kill one of them, luring it away from the herd, and then kiting it. Lucky me, it dropped a horn, and so I made a beefalo hat. On day 13, I sniffed out some koalefant tracks and killed the summer koalefant. I now had some semi-decent Winter Gear. 

Now was day 14. Half of the pigs were dead from my previous battles, and so I decided to wait out the days by gathering materials. I built a shovel and relocated a ton of grass, saplings, and berry bushed to my base. I started work on my tree farm as well.

On day 16, I had finished my farming and placed down 2 advanced farms to grow dragonfruit. This pigs were ready to go, so I brang them all the way to a rockyland not too far from the desert. I let the pigs fight the tier 2 spider dens one at a time. I retreated when all of them died.

On day 17, I had made 2 Thermal stones, and burnt down a lump evergreen forest. I ended up with enough charcoal to make me 3 drying racks. I decided I should make a tent to sleep off most of winter.

I continued making drying racks all the way until day 20, when I dried all of my morsels, meat, and monster meat. I wore my clothes and ventured out to the closest walrus camp, and slept in a straw roll. The next day, I pulled the hounds away from the group, killed them, and then killed wee mactusk. After that, I just had to kill father mactusk.

I cornered him, wearing my best gear (marble armor + football helmet) and beat him until he died. I picked up his meat, his tusk, and... his tam! When I made it back to base, I made some meaty stew with my jerky, and slept of 4 days straight. Finally, it was day 25, and I decided to make a large snowbird trapper. I placed down all of my seeds, birdtraps, and wore a feather hat I found on a boon. I had enough feathers too make me a fair amount of blowdarts. 

By day 30, I had enough of winter, it wasn't good for the powdercake. I found the summer-starting trap in the desert, and kept note of it on my map. I would be activating it the next time winter rolled around. I still wanted to go through spring though, as sogginess improves the rate of spoiling.

On day 34, I heard the deerclops and freaked out. I decided that the best option would be to go to an abandoned Beefalo Pen not too far from base, and as you may know, it is a trap that bursts into flames.

When Deerclops came on day 35, I REKT him by setting off the trap in his face. He survived with 278 health, which was what I was hoping for. I took him out with a ham bat. The eyeball was mine, and thus I made an eyebrella. 

On day 36, spring rolled around, and thus I farmed a hell of a lot of dragonfruit. I then expanded my farms for most of the season. I found the Moose/Goose Egg, and kept note of it. I went out from my base to dig up berry bushes, saplings, grass tufts, and birchnut seeds. I planted them and expanded my farms, rinse and repeat. On day 45, I got Ice chester, and on the following day (46), I got a new glommer.