Here is the secret movie. You have to find it in last Easter Eggs or in the official forum !


1st Easter Egg

This can be seen in the video and it seems that it is a hidden monster, perhaps it is the final boss? I am not sure if it is a turtle or other creatures. Anyway, it can emit flame.

Hidden monster

2nd Easter Egg

This Easter Egg can also be seen in the video, but you have to pay more attention to it. There is a link and it links to the page as shown in the picture below. The page is named eureka, so the official name of those wooden things may be eureka? I am not sure.


3rd Easter Egg

There is a link after you have entered the eureka page, it is located at the left handle of the machine. Once you've clicked it, the eureka machine will be turned on and you will be redirected to a page named Conceptual Art. This page will show you the conceptual art of the beginning of the Don't Starve project.

If you discover any Easter Eggs missed, please feel free to comment here :)