Who is the best character for adventure mode? I've been trying to beat adventure mode lately and i just keep having alot of trouble with it. The first time i saw Maxwell's Door i was Willow and thought that she would be good because many of the worlds involve characters freezing to death, so if i need to i can burn down a forest. But Willow is simply too weak for the structures of The Game is Afoot. Next i tried WX-78, because of the abundance of clockwork peices. I forgot about Wet Perception. I next thought Webber, he is passive with spiders so The Game is Afoot is not a problem, and he has pretty decent health, and sanity should be okay because spider wars and silk then tophat. Then i remembered Woodie, Lucy can help early on to save recorces, then i can turn into a werebeaver if i am in a pickle. I glitched out the were beaver, it has zero Beaverness and is still like that. im taking this to my advantage and slowly killing everything before eating any wood then reseting the bar. Followup Question: I am in the game is afoot in the glitched beaver one, isnt Wes in The Game is Afoot? could i theoretically unlock wes while in beaver form? This wold be great because i dont have him yet.