• RegalSoulslayer

    Difficulty modes?

    January 30, 2013 by RegalSoulslayer

    These new updates are going nuts. They want to take away your research every time you die, They want to take away 1/5 of your max health for every meat effigy you build. Holy crap. This game is getting really hardcore. How about this: We recommend difficulty levels to Klei. Of course these are suggestions and we can tweak it when actually recommending it or they can tweak it however they want.

    Easy Mode: Every time you die your research remains. Food doesn't spoil. Meat effigys dont do that crazy slicing your health. Hound spawn rate is very low.

    Normal Mode: Every time you die your research stays but food spoils and meat effigys do their health slicing thing. And Hounds spawn normalls

    Challange Mode: You starve a bit faster, food fills you l…

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  • RegalSoulslayer

    Does anyone know how to make the "experimental map gen" work? I dont want to erase my current world just to see if it works but then it doesn't........

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  • RegalSoulslayer

    Well since specific hints and clues to the game aren't related to anything specific I decided to make a hints and secrets blog. Here you can post little things you found while playing the game Maybe tricks to make finding food or beating a specific monstor. Anything you can think of you put here.

    • spoilers start here*

    Here's a small trick I found to get lots of food. You find a pigmen village and give all the pigs meat. Then you go to an area with a lot of beefalo. Then u tell them to attack the beefalo. They kill a few beefalo then die themselves. Then you collect all the meat they drop. (I got around 60+ meat from one go)

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  • RegalSoulslayer

    A new poll?

    December 1, 2012 by RegalSoulslayer

    Im not sure how to make a poll but I think there should be a new one for this update because I think the game went from B- to B+

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  • RegalSoulslayer

    I know that the wikia is used for checking out the stats of everything in the game BUT for people who had the game before the updates it acn be confusing. Here are a few things

    1. Amulets revive you.

    2. Hell hounds, aggressive monster

    3. (You probably starve faster. Thats unconfirmed though)

    4. Bee mines and sleep darts

    5. Tall birds are INSANE

    6. Gold tools are less durable.

    7. BACKPACKS! (If it wasnt obvious)

    8. Nets and fishing rods arent considered tools anymore (I dont know how to use a fishing rod)

    9. If you had a slowish game before then the game probably seems to be on Fast Forward now.

    Any others I missed please tell me.

    (Also backpacks seem like a better substitute for chests, just saying)

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