This is how to make a base That Mains on Bee boxes.

Before you Start...

I Recommend You have spiders, At least 1 Flower for butterflies and a Birdcage.

How do you make a Bee box base?

To start off, Gather wood to make planks. after that, Kill a few spiders for silk and make a bug net.

Next, Find a few beehives. Capture 4 bees from each beehive and then destroy the beehive for a Honeycomb.

After that, capture butterflies for flowers and make the bee boxes.

So, what are the Goods and Bads of a Bee box Farm?


Honey is Not much of a problem.

Honey ham and Honey nuggets are easy to make, provided you reguarly go to the Spider nests to get Monster meat.

Honey takes a long time to spoil if put in an ice box.

Taffy Is easy to make.


In winter, Production of Honey is stopped entirely.

bees might kill a player if they are not ready.

(RoG) In spring, bees are hostile.

How to make use of Your bees.

In winter, use a birdcage to make meatballs instead of Honey ham and Honey nuggets.

Also consider Stocking honey. Honey Spoils in 40 Days, meaning it has a long shelf life.

Making a beekeeper hat (8 silk, 1 rope) Will reduce damage by bees, making them less Hostile.

Gathering honey will make bees inside the Box attack you, so wait until most are outside before harvesting.

That's it for the Bee Box guide, Hope you enjoyed!