• Tehfury696

    Hey errbody!

    So ima just list a bunch of the super useful stuff I've figured out that I haven't really seen or are kind of hard to find listed in the wiki.

    INFINITE HONEY HAM. the easy way.

    • Bees! Bees are one of two things required for the best and maybe easiest indefinite source of food!
    • Spider! These are the other thing required for indefinite food supply of awesome!
    • So after you have survived 5 days, and hopefully made a decent camp with some chests and a Fire Pit, time to get to work!
    • DAY 6. This is the most important day in don't starve, i believe. Today is the day all the spider nests hit tier 3! SPIDER HUNTING TIME! grab a log suit if your not comfortable with taking on 3 packs of 4 spiders and not dieing!
    • Kill 1-3 t3 spider nests and snag…

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