Wilson Portrait
Only poison can cure poison.


Willow Portrait
Gross! I wish I had gloves.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is weapon of cowards.


Wendy Portrait
Their dead drop the cure to their sickness.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A useful substance for poison prevention.


Woodie Portrait
It smells kind of funny.


Waxwell Portrait
Could this be the cure?


Wigfrid Portrait
The söurce öf the fevers.


Webber Portrait
The key to feeling better if we get sick.


Walani Portrait
What a terrible gland.


Warly Portrait
The worst kind of gland!


Woodlegs Portrait
Aye, 'tis th'source o'th'venom.


A Venom Gland is a healing Item from the Shipwrecked DLC. It is used for crafting items such as the Anti Venom, as well as poisoned Weapons. Venom Glands can also be directly consumed to cure the Poison effect. Consuming a Venom Gland to cure poison deals up to 75 poison damage, however this damage will not kill the player character. If the player character has less than 80 Health left, Venom Gland will only deal enough damage, if at all, to reduce the remaining health to a minimum of 5. Consuming the Venom Gland while having less than 5 health will not increase the health.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundVenom GlandInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot background SeaweedInventory slot backgroundCoralInventory slot backgroundCoralScience MachineInventory slot backgroundAnti Venom
Inventory slot backgroundVenom GlandInventory slot background Cut ReedsInventory slot background Cut ReedsInventory slot background Cut ReedsInventory slot backgroundJet FeatherScience MachineInventory slot backgroundPoison Dart
Inventory slot backgroundVenom GlandInventory slot background SpearScience MachineInventory slot backgroundPoison Spear

Prototype Tips Edit

  • One of the safest and most efficient ways to farm Venom Glands is by luring Sea Hounds or Crocodogs into a group of Stink Rays and then leaving. Most, if not all, of the Stink Rays will be killed, and when the player returns, they will find multiple Venom Glands floating in the ocean. This method removes the chance of being poisoned while fighting venomous creatures, and gives the player multiple glands that can be kept on hand for crafting Anti Venom.
  • Due to Maxwell's low health, it is advised to craft an Anti Venom, instead of ingesting a Venom Gland.

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