Here is a list, with images, showing how WX-78 looks wearing various in-game items equipped in the chest or head slot. Click the images to view them in full size.

Dress ItemsEdit

Beefalo HatEdit

Beefalo Hat WX-78

Belt of HungerEdit

Belt of Hunger WX-78

Breezy VestEdit

Breezy Vest WX-78

Reign of Giants iconCat CapEdit

Cat Cap WX-78

Dapper VestEdit

Dapper Vest WX-78

Reign of Giants iconEyebrellaEdit

Eyebrella WX-78

Feather HatEdit

Feather Hat WX-78

Reign of Giants iconFloral ShirtEdit

Floral Shirt WX-78


Garland WX-78

Reign of Giants iconHibearnation VestEdit

Hibearnation Vest WX-78

Puffy VestEdit

Puffy Vest WX-78

Rabbit EarmuffEdit

Rabbit Earmuff WX-78

Reign of Giants iconRain CoatEdit

Rain Coat WX-78

Reign of Giants iconRain HatEdit

Rain Hat WX-78

Straw HatEdit

Straw Hat WX-78

Reign of Giants iconSummer FrestEdit

Summer Frest WX-78

Tam o' ShanterEdit

Tam o' Shanter WX-78

Top HatEdit

Top Hat WX-78

Winter HatEdit

Winter Hat WX-78



Backpack WX-78

Reign of Giants iconInsulated PackEdit

Insulated Pack WX-78

Krampus SackEdit

Krampus Sack WX-78


Piggyback WX-78


Chilled AmuletEdit

Chilled Amulet WX-78

Construction AmuletEdit

Construction Amulet WX-78

Life Giving AmuletEdit

Life Giving Amulet WX-78


Magiluminescence WX-78

Nightmare AmuletEdit

Nightmare Amulet WX-78

The Lazy ForagerEdit

Lazy Forager WX-78

Armor ItemsEdit

Bee Queen CrownEdit

Beequeen Crown WX-78

Bone ArmorEdit

Bone Armor WX-78

Bone HelmEdit

Bone Helm WX-78

Football HelmetEdit

Football Helmet WX-78

Grass SuitEdit

Grass Suit WX-78

Log SuitEdit

Log Suit WX-78

Marble SuitEdit

Marble Suit WX-78

Night ArmorEdit

Night Armour WX-78

Reign of Giants iconScalemailEdit

Scalemail WX-78


Shelmet WX-78

Snurtle Shell ArmorEdit

Snurtle Shell Armour WX-78

Thulecite CrownEdit

Thulecite Crown WX-78

Thulecite SuitEdit

Thulecite Suit WX-78

Other ItemsEdit

Beekeeper HatEdit

Beekeeper Hat WX-78

Bush HatEdit

Bush Hat WX-78

Reign of Giants iconFashion MelonEdit

Fashion Melon WX-78

Reign of Giants iconIce CubeEdit

Ice Cube WX-78

Miner HatEdit

Miner Hat WX-78

Reign of Giants iconMogglesEdit

Moggles WX-78

One-man BandEdit

One-man Band WX-78


Slurper WX-78


Spiderhat WX-78


Ancient SetEdit

Ancient Set WX-78

Armored SetEdit

Armored Set WX-78

Dapper SetEdit

Dapper Set WX-78

Reign of Giants iconRainfall SetEdit

Rainfall Set WX-78

Shell SetEdit

Shell Set WX-78

Slurper SetEdit

Slurper Set WX-78

Reign of Giants iconSummer SetEdit

Summer Set WX-78

Reign of Giants iconHeatwave SetEdit

Summer Heavy Set WX-78

Winter SetEdit

Winter Set WX-78

Blizzard SetEdit

Winter Heavy Set WX-78

Reign of Giants iconHibearnation SetEdit

Winter Heavy Set 2 WX-78

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