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Warbucks is a Character exclusive to the Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC. He is a stereotypical late 19th to early 20th British explorer. Judging by his tanned skin, it can be assumed that he spend most of his time in the outdoors.

Magnifying Glass Special Power Edit

Advantages Edit

Warbucks gains sanity over time when he holds Oincs. He will gain, in a non-linear way, up to 40 Sanity per minute if there are up to 200 Oincs in the player's inventory. Holding more than 200 Oincs does not increase his Sanity regeneration further. He also starts the game with a Ball Pein Hammer and Magnifying Glass.

Because he is a explorer, his experience with treasure hunting tools allows him to only consume 5% durability per use with the Ball Pein Hammer, while that other characters consume 10% per use.

The table below represents the exact number of sanity regeneration depending on the amount of Oincs.

Oincs in inventory Sanity per minute
0-9 0
10-19 6.25
20-49 12.5
50-199 25
200 and more 40

Disadvantages Edit

Warbucks loses 15 Sanity every time he eats food not prepared in a Crock Pot. Do note that some Crock Pot food items will still make Warbucks lose sanity.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Warbucks's ability to regain Sanity by holding Oincs in the inventory allows him to manage it easily if the player has sufficient Oincs on hand. This is arguably even more useful than Maxwell's ability, as the player can choose to stop the sanity regeneration at any time, and control the rate at which it happens.
    • The downside to this is that this is a mid-game advantage, since he starts with no Oincs.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • In the Hamlet beta, Warbucks could be "unlocked" by selecting a new game slot and clicking on either the Shipwrecked option or the Reign of Giants option. Warbucks could be selected from the character selection screen. The player would hit apply for Warbucks, then go back and click on the Hamlet option. Warbucks would remain applied and the player can start a Hamlet world as Warbucks. This method changed in the full release.
  • When Warbucks enters combat, his voice plays to a tune similar to the finale of the 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
  • His voice may be played by a trumpet or a similar sounding horn.
  • In the Hamlet beta, Warbucks would have a base sanity of 300. This was changed to 200 in the early access release, likely for it to be more manageable.
  • His title in the Hamlet beta was "The Gentleman Hunter". It was changed to "The Affluent Explorer" in the early access for Hamlet.

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