Here is a list of images showing how Wilson looks wearing various in-game items equipped in the chest or head slot. Click the images to view them in full size.

Dress ItemsEdit

Beefalo HatEdit

Beefalo Hat Wilson

Belt of HungerEdit

Belt of Hunger Wilson

Breezy VestEdit

Breezy Vest Wilson

Reign of Giants iconCat CapEdit

Cat Cap Wilson

Dapper VestEdit

Dapper Vest Wilson

Reign of Giants iconEyebrellaEdit

Eyebrella Wilson

Feather HatEdit

Feather Hat Wilson

Reign of Giants iconFloral ShirtEdit

Floral Shirt Wilson


Garland Wilson

Reign of Giants iconHibearnation VestEdit

Hibearnation Vest Wilson

Puffy VestEdit

Puffy Vest Wilson

Rabbit EarmuffEdit

Rabbit Earmuff Wilson

Reign of Giants iconRain CoatEdit

Rain Coat Wilson

Reign of Giants iconRain HatEdit

Rain Hat Wilson

Shipwrecked icon Shark Tooth CrownEdit

Shark Tooth Crown Wilson

Straw HatEdit

Straw Hat Wilson

Reign of Giants iconSummer FrestEdit

Summer Frest Wilson

Tam o' ShanterEdit

Tam o' Shanter Wilson

Top HatEdit

Top Hat Wilson

Winter HatEdit

Winter Hat Wilson



Backpack Wilson

Reign of Giants iconInsulated PackEdit

Insulated Pack Wilson

Krampus SackEdit

Krampus Sack Wilson


Piggyback Wilson


Chilled AmuletEdit

Chilled Amulet Wilson

Construction AmuletEdit

Construction Amulet Wilson

Life Giving AmuletEdit

Life Giving Amulet Wilson


Magiluminescence Wilson

Nightmare AmuletEdit

Nightmare Amulet Wilson

The Lazy ForagerEdit

Lazy Forager Wilson

Armor ItemsEdit

Don't Starve Together iconBee Queen CrownEdit

Beequeen Crown Wilson

Don't Starve Together iconBone ArmorEdit

Bone Armor Wilson

Don't Starve Together iconBone HelmEdit

Bone Helm Wilson

Football HelmetEdit

Football Helmet Wilson

Grass SuitEdit

Grass Suit Wilson

Log SuitEdit

Log Suit Wilson

Marble SuitEdit

Marble Suit Wilson

Night ArmorEdit

Night Armour Wilson

Reign of Giants iconScalemailEdit

Scalemail Wilson


Shelmet Wilson

Snurtle Shell ArmorEdit

Snurtle Shell Armour Wilson

Thulecite CrownEdit

Thulecite Crown Wilson

Thulecite SuitEdit

Thulecite Suit Wilson

Other ItemsEdit

Beekeeper HatEdit

Beekeeper Hat Wilson

Bush HatEdit

Bush Hat Wilson

Reign of Giants iconFashion MelonEdit

Fashion Melon Wilson

Reign of Giants iconIce CubeEdit

Ice Cube Wilson

Miner HatEdit

Miner Hat Wilson

Reign of Giants iconMogglesEdit

Moggles Wilson

One-man BandEdit

One-man Band Wilson


Slurper Wilson


Spiderhat Wilson


Ancient SetEdit

Ancient Set Wilson

Armored SetEdit

Armored Set Wilson

Dapper SetEdit

Dapper Set Wilson

Reign of Giants iconRainfall SetEdit

Rainfall Set Wilson

Shell SetEdit

Shell Set Wilson

Slurper SetEdit

Slurper Set Wilson

Reign of Giants iconSummer SetEdit

Summer Set Wilson

Reign of Giants iconHeatwave SetEdit

Summer Heavy Set Wilson

Winter SetEdit

Winter Set Wilson

Blizzard SetEdit

Winter Heavy Set Wilson

Reign of Giants iconHibearnation SetEdit

Winter Heavy Set 2 Wilson

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