Wilson Portrait
What a Wascally Wobster.

Wilson, when examining a Wobster

Willow Portrait
Come here, you!

Willow, when examining a Wobster

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang respects shellbeast's powerful claws.

Wolfgang, when examining a Wobster

Wendy Portrait
It would taste excellent dead and smothered in butter.

Wendy, when examining a Wobster

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Wobster

Wickerbottom Portrait
A most interesting invertebrate.

Wickerbottom, when examining a Wobster

Woodie Portrait
A little melted butter and it'd be delicious.

Woodie, when examining a Wobster

Waxwell Portrait
Now that looks like a proper meal.

Maxwell, when examining a Wobster

Wigfrid Portrait
Yöu are dressed för battle, sea-dweller.

Wigfrid, when examining a Wobster

Webber Portrait
This meat wears armor!

Webber, when examining a Wobster

Walani Portrait
Yummy sea bug.

Walani, when examining a Wobster

Warly Portrait
Come to me, precious!

Warly, when examining a Wobster

Woodlegs Portrait
Don't be scurryin' from me!

Woodlegs, when examining a Wobster

A Wobster is a catchable sea creature found in the Shipwrecked DLC. Wobsters spawn from Wobster Dens, which house one Wobster each. Wobsters are nocturnal, and will only come out at Dusk, will stay out all through the Night, and will retreat back to their dens when the next day begins. Players who get too close will also cause them to be scared and go back to their dens.

They can be caught using Sea Traps or a Trawl Net. They are attracted to Limpets, which can be used to bait the trap to improve chances of catching them. Leaving them caught in a trap will cause them to starve to death in 1.5 game days, dropping one Rot instead. Wobsters that have been dropped on land by the player will not move and will die after a short amount of time.

When alive, they can be used in Crock Pot recipes. As inventory items, they can be murdered by right-clicking them to produce a Dead Wobster. The dead version can only be eaten raw or cooked, and cannot be used in Crock Pot recipes.

Wobsters take 1 blast from the Ice Staff to be frozen and 1 Sleep Dart to be put to sleep.

Dead WobsterEdit

Wilson Portrait
You should cook up nicely.

Wilson, when examining Dead Wobster

Willow Portrait
Edible in a pinch.

Willow, when examining Dead Wobster

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang wish he had fearsome hand claws!

Wolfgang, when examining Dead Wobster

Wendy Portrait
It's met its maker. I've met my lunch.

Wendy, when examining Dead Wobster

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Dead Wobster

Wickerbottom Portrait
I might as well eat it now.

Wickerbottom, when examining Dead Wobster

Woodie Portrait
He's thoroughly hooped.

Woodie, when examining Dead Wobster

Waxwell Portrait

Maxwell, when examining Dead Wobster

Wigfrid Portrait
Sleep in Valhalla, armöred öne.

Wigfrid, when examining Dead Wobster

Webber Portrait
It's not moving anymore.

Webber, when examining Dead Wobster

Walani Portrait
Soon to be good eats.

Walani, when examining Dead Wobster

Warly Portrait
One step closer to my mouth.

Warly, when examining Dead Wobster

Woodlegs Portrait
Aye! Now Woodlegs can eat 'em.

Woodlegs, when examining Dead Wobster

A Dead Wobster is obtained by right-clicking on a live Wobster in the inventory. It can be cooked over a fire, but cannot be used in the Crock Pot.

Delicious WobsterEdit

Wilson Portrait
I can't wait to eat you.

Wilson, when examining Delicious Wobster

Willow Portrait
Lobster for dinner! Pinch me!

Willow, when examining Delicious Wobster

Wolfgang Portrait
Is ready to eat now.

Wolfgang, when examining Delicious Wobster

Wendy Portrait
It's a feast!

Wendy, when examining Delicious Wobster

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Delicious Wobster

Wickerbottom Portrait
Dinner is served!

Wickerbottom, when examining Delicious Wobster

Woodie Portrait
Good eats!

Woodie, when examining Delicious Wobster

Waxwell Portrait
I forgot my bib.

Maxwell, when examining Delicious Wobster

Wigfrid Portrait
Yöur armör hides tasty meat.

Wigfrid, when examining Delicious Wobster

Webber Portrait
Yum, yum, yum!

Webber, when examining Delicious Wobster

Walani Portrait
Now that's good eats!

Walani, when examining Delicious Wobster

Warly Portrait
Could use garlic-butter...

Warly, when examining Delicious Wobster

Woodlegs Portrait
Hot meat o'th'sea!

Woodlegs, when examining Delicious Wobster

Delicious Wobster is obtained from cooking a Wobster at a Campfire, Fire Pit, Chiminea, or Dwarf Star. It cannot be used in the Crock Pot.

TabTools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundWobsterFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Wobster
Inventory slot backgroundDead WobsterFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Wobster
Inventory slot backgroundDead WobstersBirdcageInventory slot backgroundEgg
Inventory slot backgroundWobstersYaarctopus IconInventory slot backgroundOctopus Chest
Inventory slot backgroundWobsterInventory slot background IceInventory slot backgroundFillerInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundLobster Bisque
Inventory slot backgroundWobsterInventory slot background ButterInventory slot backgroundFillerInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundLobster DinnerFiller cannot be Ice or Meats

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Being able to only use live Wobsters in the Crock Pot is a reference on how lobsters are cooked in real life - they are put in boiling water alive. This is because lobsters naturally possess harmful bacteria that can quickly spread once the lobster is dead.
  • The name, as implied by Wilson's quote, may be a reference to Elmer Fudd, a character from the popular cartoon series Looney Tunes. He has a specific way that he speaks, and refers to Bugs Bunny, another character from the same series, as "Wascally Wabbit".

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