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The World Generation screen is the Transition/Loading phase between choosing a character and playing, it shows a pair of skinny shadow hands residing over a small globe that has little 2-d models of most of the In-game items or objects. It also has little phrases such as "Wrangling monsters" and "Insinuating Wilson's Beard", which are generally in-game related. These phrases are split into two halves and may be matched into other pairs, as such the previous examples could just as easily be "Wrangling Wilson's Beard" and "Insinuating Monsters".


2-D Models (Day Side Of Globe)Edit

2-D Models (Night Side of Globe)Edit

  • Spikey Trees
  • Reeds
  • Headstone
  • Spider


The phrases printed in the loading screen are a combination of two phrases put together. The possible phrases are listed below.

First word/Phrase part:

  • "Wrangling"
  • "Inserting"
  • "Reticulating"
  • "Embiggening"
  • "Insinuating"
  • "Framing"
  • "Iterating upon"
  • "Herding"

Second Word/Phrase part:

  • "Wilson's Beard"
  • "Food"
  • "Monsters"
  • "Spiders"
  • "Buckets and Buckets of loot"
  • "Pines"
  • "Pathos"
  • "A keen sense of depair"
  • "Game Theory"
  • "Thalassophobia"
  • "Nyctophobia"
  • "Trees"
  • "Palms" - Shipwrecked icon
  • "Vast ocean" - Shipwrecked icon
  • "Chatty parrots" - Shipwrecked icon



The new Caves loading screen

When the player enters a Cave, there is a different, unique World Generation screen. The sphere is rocky instead of grassy or dirt-like, and one can see the many structures and animals of the Caves, such as Bunnymen, Stalagmites and Mushtrees.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • It is possible for "Game Theory" to show up in the second half of the phrases. Game Theory is the mathematical study of cooperation and conflict between intelligent decision makers (i.e. the player and the metagame).
  • It is possible for "Nyctophobia" or Thalassophobia" to appear in the second half of the phrases. Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness or the night, while Thalassophobia is the fear of the sea.