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Wilson Portrait
Poor little boat.


Willow Portrait
Someone has regrets.


Wolfgang Portrait
Not mighty enough to float.


Wendy Portrait
Its crew is probably dead...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
This ship got caught in a storm. Now it belongs to the sea.


Woodie Portrait
A waste of good wood.


Waxwell Portrait
It stood no chance.


Wigfrid Portrait
Löngships litter the path tö Valhalla.


Webber Portrait
A reminder to respect the sea.


Walani Portrait
Probably won't be sailing on that anytime soon.


Warly Portrait
It sails no more.


Woodlegs Portrait
Rest well, ye weary seafarer.


A Wreck is a naturally occurring structure found in the Shipwrecked DLC. It can occasionally be encountered in the Ocean biome, on dark colored "ship graveyard" tiles, and in the Coral Reef biome. It appears a broken down part of a sunken ship. It is covered with Limpets, and can be harvested every 2 days to yield 1-3 Limpets. It can be hammered down to obtain 1 Boards, but doing so may summon a Pirate Ghost. Wrecks in ship graveyards will always summon a Ghost.

Home Sign Names Edit

Some Wrecks have names. Possible list of names are:

NautilusMont-BlancAfrican Queen
Mary CelesteOrcaGolden Hind
Santa MariaPiper MaruMississinewa
AdriaticSyracusiaEdmund Fitzgerald
NomadicBaron of RenfrewBatavia

Placeholder Trivia Edit

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